Chalane Bauzo’s Snapshot Diary

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I set about creating a personal 'diary' of my life, most all of which has been shot in Atlanta, in order to provide a recollection of the candid moments transpired with the artistic youth I'd come into contact with in the everyday. Over a year span, I'd come to surround myself with artists including rappers/songwriters (Fatkidsbrotha, Robb Bank$, Ceej of Retrosushi, Curtis Williams, Raury, KeithCharlesSpacebar, Makonnen), producers (Asstonkusher), actors/socialites (The ATL Twins), designers (Coco & Breezy), painters (PaperFrank), skaters, and fellow photographers. I wanted to keep myself open to any possibilities for documentary, being always at random but with the limitation of those who were setting out for the purpose of 'creating' for the rest of their lives. Being around artists allowed me to see the one quality we all share which perpetuates our livelihood, evoking emotion, and these emotions often go overlooked and undocumented. All in all, I wanted to create an intimate view of the artists in the Atlanta scene.

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