This series of photographs were taken over multiple visits to the RAF Air Base in Redruth, Cornwall.

What was interesting about spending time with the cadets was when I got a chance to talk with them, hearing about the ideals and lives of young men (aged between 11-16 years old). The fact that the youngest were leading normal lives for young men such as dealing with school or enjoying their free time playing football, compared to the 16 year olds who were considering their futures and on the cusp of starting a new chapter. The younger cadets saw the system of the cadets as a fun, after school activity, whilst the older cadets understood that this was a pathway to a career and future.

I was interested in the institution of Cadets because I think it holds onto traditional British values, pre-21st century, which are fading more and more into history as social media culture becomes more prevalent in the future generations. I wonder whether we will continue on the path we are heading down, or will their be a backlash to technology and social media culture in the near future and an attempt to regain old values and traditions?