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Inspired by football casuals and late 80’s and early 90’s working class LAD-ism, Morgan Davies’ Menswear adopts traditional wardrobe staples; tees, shirts, sweatshirts, joggers and jackets, and keep silhouettes simple to highlight the collection’s architectural prints and innovative pattern cutting.

TRIP caught up with Davies to discuss ‘Bravado’ – the UWE graduate’s debut collection, and find out what she believes makes the ultimate LAD.

TRIP: What were your inspirations for this collection?
Morgan Davies: I have mainly been drawing inspirations from football casuals and the working class lifestyle of men from the late 80’s and early 90’s. I am inspired by the way working class men of that time used clothing to escape their everyday lives. They used brands to convey the wealth and personality they wanted to achieve and show off to others. They aspired to own brands in order to better themselves and that’s a part of men’s fashion that really intrigues me.

TRIP: Why did you decide to base the collection around the male bravado?
Morgan Davies: I find it so interesting that men have so many facets to them but want to appear to be simple, in the sense of being well dressed, and looking ‘the part’, but also looking like someone you don’t want to fuck with. I’m interested in how clothing has become a way for the emotional, vulnerable side of boys to remain hidden. I wonder if the male bravado will ever not be used as a mask for men to hide behind.

TRIP: How would you describe a true LAD?
Morgan Davies: I feel that a true lad is a man who has never grown up, which is not necessarily a bad thing. A lad is a man who is not entirely comfortable in himself, so uses clothing and bravado to make him the man he wants to be. It’s the use of clothing to create a personality that is the biggest trait of a true lad.

TRIP: What is your favourite piece from the collection?
Morgan Davies: My printed shirt; it reminds me of cult classic casualwear and I am particularly proud of the pattern cutting I had to master to create it. It also showcases the print collaboration I took on with textile designer Daniella Hale who created all of the amazing prints within my collection, it wouldn’t have been the same without her.

TRIP: Which designers do you admire?
Morgan Davies: One of my favourite design duos is Cottweiler. They create the exact kind of concept driven casualwear that I sought to create in my own graduate collection. Their designs are so effortlessly cool and they emulate the laddish, bravado style with class. I am also massive fan of Christopher Shannon, he is consistently brilliant and always tweaks menswear shapes and styles in a way you would not expect.

TRIP: What excites you about the future of Menswear?
Morgan Davies: I really love how casualwear is being recognised as high end fashion and has shaken the stigma for men who have no awareness of how to dress themselves. I have found the use of fashion films to relay the ideas and themes behind recent menswear collections really exciting; along with collaborations, that keep giving men’s accessories a place in men’s fashion. I feel the future will hold a lot more small, concept driven brands evolving the casual clothing and concepts of subcultures past, reinventing the personalities clothes give men, which is what exciting menswear is all about.

TRIP: What’s the best advice you've ever been given?
Morgan Davies: This is a bit self-indulgent and not really advice but one of my A-level English teachers gave me a book when I left and wrote in the first blank page, ‘Morgan, you are a genius. Your mind goes to clever places most minds struggle to find. Always allow your creativity to flow.’ It’s not often anyone says something that touching, so that’s always stuck with me.

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