Ron. "Blackpool born and bred me."
Ted and Anne. "When we tell people we're staying at the Savoy they think we're dead posh but you should see it. Staff's nice though..."
Cooper. "My brother runs a hotel on the prom. He's a millionaire. You know Blackpool is the only place Sinatra played twice in the same year?"
Barbara. "Oh yeah take a picture of the crazy lady on a tricycle."
Jess and Liz. "I hope you're not getting the Poundland bag on there."
Alan and Linda. "We came here to watch the footie on the big screen at Ma Kelly's."
Ron, Norma and Sally. "Yeah you can take a picture of her she won't mind."
Daisy, Dora and Cecil.
Michael. "I saw the Rolling Stones in 1973 at the Kings Hall in Manchester and it changed my life."
Dave and Teddy.
Steve. "I'm from Glasgow, I'm no Page 3 mind."