An African Odyssey

A commission by RAW Foundation lead to me joining their epic journey from Cairo to Cape Town. Over a 5-month period we travelled in a 4x4 across Africa, documenting plastic litter, wastelands, rivers, lakes, beach pollution, individuals and communities.

Enduringly difficult to summarise, the photographs shown here are quite personal in nature. But they also reflect the ever-shifting cultural and geopolitical landscapes we encountered. My work is imbued with the nomadic feeling that each town beckoned a differing attitude or way of seeing. At times my photographs represent an African idyll, disclosing tales of resonating moments, awe and seduction from an entirely varied and fascinating continent. However, these photographs do stand as a testament for what we stand to lose. This way of life is critically endangered, it's environment threatened.

On the journey we were left with this resentment of humanity at times, for a shocking disrespect of our natural resources and world, but then perceptions shift, and you’re left admiring people, for there are decent individuals who, together, are all aspiring to create positive change in their own corner of our marvellous blue planet.