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For ASBOs, Alex Sturrock met up with and photographed a selection of UK ASBO holders. Their offenses include knocking on doors and running away, hoarding rubbish, urinating in the street and having patterns cut into their hair.

Each ASBO holder's photograph is accompanied by Sturrock's account of his time spent with them, highlighting the details of their 'crimes'.

Tamsin and Tiffany Nutley
"Tamsin and Tiffany Nutley pictured (in the top photograph) with their mum and nan, were given ASBOs for being in a group of girls whose crimes included singing and shouting in the street, and knocking on people's doors and running away. They were singled out from the group then put into the local paper. They also had leaflets distributed about them, causing sections of the local community to turn their back on them."

Adam Rooney
"Adam told me he had only ever had two minor charges against him before he and his twin brother, Liam, were given Asbos. Liam is in now in prison for breach of an ASBO and Adam's picture is on the back of buses on three local bus routes. He now finds it impossible to get a job. I arranged another meeting with Adam after I took this picture. When I arrived I found out he was in custody again and couldn't make it."

"Billy is from Dagenham in Essex. He has an ASBO for hoarding rubbish and keeping livestock in his house. When the council cleaned out his house they removed over 700 bin bags of rubbish."

"Bricey is from Oldham. He has an ASBO which bans him from getting any patterns cut in his hair (he was part of a gang which had the word Mayhem shaved into their heads) or any tattoos on his person. He is also not allowed to be in a public place with more than one person without it being an organised event such as a football match. He is pictured here outside a local hairdresser's."

Daryl and Dean Handford
"Daryl and Dean Handford have been banned from several areas around their village and from drinking in public. Dean spent three months in jail earlier this year when he was caught urinating in public while celebrating getting a job as a potato collector on a local farm."

Carl Wareham
"Carl received a five-year order banning him from entering the village of Lytchett Matravers in Dorset. He is also banned from the local pubs and off-licences. He told me that although he was a serial offender when he was young, he received his ASBO after being the subject of only two minor charges over period of several years."

Bobby (Left) and Craig (Right)
"After both boys received ASBOs, Craig's face made the front page of the local paper and leaflets were distributed with his name and face on. Craig now finds himself on the receiving end of threats and abuse by adults in the street."

Phillip Howard
"The familiar face of Phillip Howard is recognisable to most Londoners. He exercised his right to free speech on Oxford Street for many years until he received an ASBO banning him from amplifying his voice in the Oxford street area."

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