Above The Pines

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The following project explores Rendlesham Forest, a space in which an otherworldly event is said to have happened. The Rendlesham Forest UFO incident is Britain’s most renowned UFO spectacle, also referred to as Britain’s Roswell, the famous American case. The Rendlesham event is made up of multiple reported sightings between the 26th and 28th December 1980.

The spectacle took place a kilometre away from a US controlled military airfield (at the time), and it was from this base that Lieutenant Colonel Halt witnessed something come down from the sky and land within the dense pine forest. That dark winter night a patrol was sent into the forest to identify and protect the covert base. The men witnessed flashing lights rapidly darting in and around the dense woodland, and claimed that it lit up the entire forest around them as they followed it. Returning back to base they seemed startled and shocked by what they had seen, and the next morning radioactive readings were taken by Colonel Halt and his team. A recording was made and can be heard on 'Halt's Tape', consisting of the voice accounts whilst they retraced the patrols footsteps from the night before.

These images represent my visual account of the area over thirty years later. A certain atmosphere remains in the wake of such a spectacle, and till this day people from all around come to visit this historic site. Raising the question, does an atmosphere exist at all? Or is it all based of one's narrative of the space?

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