About A Boy

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G. attends an Institute for people with visual and psycho-physical pathology. A mental delay has always defined his life, conditioning it for better or for worse.

G. lives his life like a palette of colours; today he woke up in the textures of Blue, Yellow, Red and Green;
he’s happy, he smiles, sings, dances and has fun.

Yesterday he woke up in shades of Grey and Black; he was sad, aggressive and violent, especially toward himself.
The times he‘s in the textures of Grey and Black are less and less, but still they occur.
His life changes day by day and every new experience is a chance to grow.
His life is in constant motion, an oppressed and compressed happiness that sometimes explodes in all his inner richness.
G. hates being helped, he wants to be free and independent.

He is the one who often helps the blind people in the Institute in their long daily promenades.
He is the one who helps his mom and dad, both sick.
He is the one who tattooed his arm in memory of his old brother who passed away ten years ago.
He is the one who falls in love 10 times a day, watching world and life from his personal and special perspective.

G. is a special boy, but his story is one like many others.
The story of G. is nothing more than one more (extra)ordinary story.

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