A Time To Dance

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A Time to Dance explores the physical and immersive form of worship of the UK’s flourishing Pentecostal denomination, and the way in which post-modern culture – of media and technology – becomes an intrinsic part of Christian worship and the spiritual act.

These churches, often set up in converted warehouses and factories, adopt pop style music and dramatic lighting, churchgoers recording and sharing the presence of God in worship by smart phone, each service broadcast live via the church’s online live stream.

In light of this new and re-contextualised aesthetic of worship, the series draws a visual parallel between the Pentecostal church and the dance club – both constituting an open, immersive space in which one can let go of the fixed face we hold in normal social situations. The act of searching for God in Pentecostal worship – much like the act of dancing – represents an immersive and transgressive experience that transcends the banalities and ebbing pressures of daily life; the physical act of reaching out and the laying of hands on one another in prayer resembling the human search for answers and something bigger than ourselves.

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